Our Team

mark Robert Ollive stock market expert and  founded Chaikin Analytics in 2009 to deliver proven, professional-grade stock analytics to money managers and individual investors. A Wall Street trader, stock broker, and analyst;

Justin Justin Hallon serves as Director of Education . He is responsible for educating retail traders about  products and helping create curriculum to support trader development.  Hallon was a Founding Principal and Managing Member of Aspire Trading L.L.C;


phillPhill Cunning is Executive Vice President and Head of Capital Markets. Mr. Cunning has over 20 years of experience spanning investment product and business development, strategic relationships management and the implementation of trading models for global equities and derivatives market;

DennisDennis Ingrand is co-founder of Invest Like a Monster®, and CEO of optionMONSTER®. With a background of more than 8 years’ experience in global banking, corporate finance, trading technology and financial education, Dirk has previously co-founded and/or served as chief executive of several startup companies. An active investor, he was executive chairman .